welcome to this special gathering!
The Embodied Awakening Conference is over, but you can still access its 40 hours of wisdom by purchasing the Conference recordings
Who is this Conference for? 
The Conference is designed for people who believe that personal transformation can create collective impact and  support the evolutionary shift into a new way of living together...

...and for all those interested in Conscious Movement,  Somatics, Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness, Healing, Body Intelligence, in the intersection of Science and Spirituality, and honouring Indigenous Wisdom.

Join us in exploring different ways to balance the physical and spiritual aspects of our lives, and how these aspects can complement each other in the process of personal growth and evolution.

 Embodiment is a compass for life  
We are living at a time of great awakening where a growing number of people are remembering in their hearts the truth of our interconnectedness, love and dreaming of a new way to live together on the planet.
 Being embodied is a key part of how we get there
Come explore the body's place in our process of awakening and learn from some of the brightest lights in the fields of conscious movement and dance, somatics, science, indigenous wisdom, energy healing, health and longevity.
What you will receive from the Embodied Awakening Conference Collection
Embodied Tools
for navigating life with greater ease 
Scientific Understanding
of how your body intelligence can support awakening
Live Interaction 
with an amazing team of teachers and experts 
to new cutting edge healing modalities 
Indigenous Wisdom
to help remember who we are and our potential
Highest Level Facilitation provided by a stellar interdisciplinary faculty
Conference Collection
Here's What You'll Receive:
40 Downloadable Expert Speaker Talks and Panel audio and video Recordings from the Embodied Awakening Conference for unlimited viewing or listening in your car, home, or phone – over 40 hours of teachings [Value: €$525]
Full Audio MP3s of every session to listen to while on the go [Value: $200]
Access all your content from your computer or mobile device 
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"A journey back into my body and a deep dive into my soul... 
This Conference has been so fertile! We will never be the same again. And to me, that is the greatest gift: to evolve. The chance was ours to take. And we did!"
- Carolina Cornejo, Argentina - Conference attendee 2022
 What is Embodied Awakening? 
Embodied Awakening is a process of becoming aware of the inherent interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit and cultivating a deeper relationship with one's own physical being.

This approach to spiritual awakening recognizes that our body is not simply a vessel for the mind and spirit, but an integral part of our own awakening process.

There are several somatic practices that aim to bring greater awareness and connection to the body such as conscious movement, yoga, mindfulness, and breathwork.

By exploring and embracing the wisdom of the body, you will be able to unlock new levels of consciousness and tap into a deeper sense of presence, clarity, and purpose in your life.

 Why the Embodied Awakening Conference? 
The Conference will explore how Embodied Awakening  can power up the intelligence of the body and support the passage we are making towards a new way of living together on the planet.

The Conference is being offered to promote a deeper understanding of the relationship between the physical and spiritual aspects of life, and to explore various methods and practices for embodying spiritual awakening and promoting balance in life.

By bringing together a diverse range of perspectives and approaches, the Conference is also designed to foster greater understanding and appreciation for different cultural and spiritual traditions, and promote a sense of interconnectedness and community.
Here is what some of our last Conference attendees said
Thank you! beyond words...
 for the conference itself and the ongoing connection. This opportunity has helped me feel more alive, more connected and more real in my unique life expression.
Suzanne, USA
It's hard to find words to express...
all the gratitude that I feel to You for this event! The feelings, the experience, the thoughts - everything during the Conference and afterwards is so meaningful and important to me! Thank You for such great work that You've done to make this Conference happen!
Hanna Karziuk, Belarus
I don’t think of myself as a dancer, but...
 moving with you gave me the feeling sense that indeed I am a dancer! Unfortunately I have slowly become accustomed to less activity, less flexibility, and less gracefulness of movement. I can’t thank you enough for opening up my eyes to a fuller vision of Life!
Parjanya Ishaya, USA
Dear Amara, Paolo, you truly are Masters...
in putting on a Conference of this caliber and depth. Thank you so much for all your love, your dedication and your continued commitment to serve the world. With deep gratitude for making this powerful event possible and bringing us closer together,
Gina Hess, USA
I feel inspired and supported by you...
and other speakers. The conference workshops were life saving for me. I'm 5 Rhyhms student and also undergoing Sound Healing training with the aim to incorporate these "tools/techniques" to my psychotherapy practice.
Alina Sygiel, UK
Bowing with Gratitude with all I have received...
with my limited wifi in Mexico
This HAS touched, energized and reignited MY Path of self discovery through Movement. I feel deeply thankful  and I am amazed about what You have held in this conference with such generosity and integrity

Silvia Kohen, Mexico/USA
I was touched and impressed...
by how you moderated each of the calls/contributions. What made it special is how by bringing yourself into a real conversation you made the „We“ you talked about (throughout the conference), so much more convincing for not being falsely self-effacing! A „We“ made up of „I’s“ mature enough not to disappear – beautiful, thank you!
Matthias Roth, Germany
This Conference was exactly the nourishment that I needed...
Many of the presenters and dancers have merged with me into one body.
Again, thank you for the highly professional flow in those 6 days. I do appreciate the effort involved.  It moved seamlessly from my perspective. I bow to you.

Catharine Mains, Canada
BIB  BIG thank you for organising the conference...
I have watched the recordings of a lot of the sessions and the thing in common with all of them is the LOVE that is shared so freely.
David Chauncy, Australia
This conference deeply moved me in so many ways...
And to be in community and touching base with so many wonderful souls in breakout rooms after each session was such a treat. Brava/bravo and thank you, from the bottom, top, sides, front, back and all chambers and sacred caverns of my heart.
Nigel Ader, Canada
My inner essence is glowing and joyfilled...
Such brilliance! New experience for me, movement dance and Zoom.  Miraculously, with your guidance, encouragement, support, nurturing and love, am now, basking in an abundance of light in, through and around all my cells in my being and lifeforce outward.  My life made a jump to a new groove.
Jewels Marshall, USA
I am soo fascinated by your selection of teachers...
 I am also struck by the compassion, the gentleness of how you speak with each other and much much more! I started up on your conference not knowing anything about you all.  By  now your conference has become like an OASIS in the desert for me!!!
Anette Von Leipzig, Denmark
Purchase the Conference Collection
Your Conference Presenters
 Amara Pagano 
Founder of Azul Conscious Movement a Path of Embodied Awakening, Co-Creator of OneDanceTribe Global Community
 Vincent Martinez-Grieco 
Founder of SoulMotion and NextSteps. Melding
philosophy, deep body awareness, conscious awareness of body and soul

 Marci Shimoff 
#1 New York Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason and Love for No Reason, a world-renowned transformational teacher and an expert on happiness, success, and unconditional love
 Adam Barley 
 Founder of ZeroOne, author of Pathways Home – A guide to creating your own movement practice as a catalyst for personal and collective evolution
Michael Molin-Skelton
Founder of Movements Matter, faculty of Open Floor and Soul Motion.
Dr. Sue Morter
Founder of the Morter Institute for Bioenergetics, International Speaker, Master of Bio-Energetic Medicine, Quantum Field Visionary and #1 Bestselling Author of The Energy Codes®
 Peter Russell 
Revolutionary futurist, teacher, speaker, and best-selling author of several books, such as, The Consciousness Revolution, Letting Go of nothing. He coined the term “Global Brain” with his best-selling book of the same name
 Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman 
Pioneer in the fields of light, vision and consciousness. Author of sevetral books, such as, Luminous Life: How The Science Of Light Unlocks the Art of living, Light: Medicine of the Future
 Maydeen 'Iao & Lei Ohu Ryder 
Co-Founders of Aloha in Action. Lei’Ohu is a visionary spiritual leader and the recipient of several international awards.  Maydeen is an emissary of “aloha” and advocates for the indigenous soul in all people. They are both healers, singers/songwriters, and educators
 Ya'Acov Darling Khan 
Shaman & Co-Founder of The School of Movement Medicine and Co-Author of  Movement Medicine-for the dance of life. He empowers people to heal, find meaning & manifest their lives through movement medicine and beyond
 Melissa Michaels 
Founder and Director of SomaSource Educational Programs, Golden Girls Global, and Golden Bridge. Author of Youth on Fire: Igniting a Generation of Embodied Global Leaders
 Lama Michel Rimpoche 
Lama Michel is an internationally acclaimed teacher who guides various Buddhist Centres worldwide, such as Centro de Dharma da Paz in Brazil and Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre in Italy. He is also Vice-President of the Lama Gangchen International Global Peace Foundation
 Gabriel Cousens 
Holistic physician. Spiritual and Shaktipat teacher. Founder of the Tree of Life Foundation. He is also the author of 13 books
 Amber Ryan 
Co-Founder of The 360 Emergence  free-form movement spirit driven practice
 Susan Harper 
Continuum & Expressive Arts Somatic Inquiry Teacher. She is a heart-soul-counselor, storyteller and dream weaver
 Edgar Spieker 
Co-Founder of Soul Motion Institute.
Dance Therapist/Soul Motion teacher.  Edgar Spieker has been dancing for most of his life and taught different movement and vocal expression practices. He believes that at the core of all of us is a dancer, a singer, a creative soul in motion and much needed in the world
 Lauren Elizabeth Walsh 
  Co-Founder and CEO of Global Sisterhood. She leads a platform for rising women worldwide, providing transformational content and tools for self-growth and the liberation of the feminine
 Marc David 
Founder of the Institute for the Psychology of Eating and a leading visionary and teacher in nutrition and eating psychology. He is the author of the bestselling books, Nourishing Wisdom and The Slow Down Diet.
 Richard Taubinger 
Founder and CEO of Conscious Marketer. He is one of the world's leading digital strategists. He serves business owners and entrepreneurs to make a positive impact in the world
 Ashanna Solaris 
Co-Founder of Clarity Breathwork. She is a practitioner, trainer and pioneer in the healing arts, breathework, light body meditation, energy healing, somatic experiencing, ritual, dance and movement
 Dana Dharma Devi 
Co-Founder of Clarity Breathwork. She is an exceptional musician, trainer, inspirational speaker, teacher, leader
 Cyrille Chantereau 
Founder of Just Dance With Life©: The Dance of the Present. He is a Dancing Holistic Harmonizer, leadership coach, certified teacher in movement medicine, healer, and artist

Founder and creator of Dance of Liberation. She's been in movement therapy for 20+ years, facilitating workshops, trainings, and retreats of DOL in Los Angeles, New York, Guatemala, Indonesia, Israel, and more
 Mark Walsh 
Co-Founder of the Embodied Facilitator Course, and the online Certificate of Embodiment Coaching. He is author of Embodiment, Working with the Body in Training and Coaching, and Embodied Meditation
 Steve Farrell 
Co-founder and Worldwide Executive Director of Humanity's Team, and member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle 
 Guillaume Laplane 
5Rhythms® accredited. He is a Dancer, Architect, Facilitator. He's involved in Movement nature retreats and workshops
 Zoran Todorovic 
Creator of the Evolutionary Coaching Institute. He is a Master Certified Coach and Facilitator in TNM Coaching
 Chenxi Ouyang 
Co-founder and CEO of Bright & Beautiful. She is a leader at SomaSourcece/ Golden Girls Global. She empowers adolescent girls in rural China through embodied arts and rites of passage
Sikelelwa Waka
Co-founder of Black Girls Rising. She is a Yoga instructor,  Waldorf teacher in training, a Social Impact Practitioner, and SomaSource/ Golden Girls Global leader
 Chris Connors 
Founder of OPO Meditation App. He is a Embodiment Coach, Sound Healer, and Engineer. He is also a 5Rhythms® Coach for 20+ years
 Mirka Scalco Kraftsow 
Founder of Viniyogalife
& Co-Founder of the American Viniyoga Institute. She is a Yoga teacher in the Viniyoga™ tradition for over 35 years
 Mary Lane 
Transformer, Founder and Author of Divine Nourishment– A Woman’s sacred journey with food. Now as an elder she is transforming our relationship with death, as an embodied experience woven into the fabric of life
 Lee Warren 
Co-Founder of the Village Terraces, a Cohousing Neighborhood within Earthaven Ecovillage. She is a community builder, designer, regenerative farmer, conscious dying educator, and culture repair activist
 Erik Iversen 
Founder of Somatomy Training. He is a Master of Embodiment and movement, 5Rhythms® Faculty, a Practice of Presence
 Lucian Tarnovski 
Founder and Curator of the
Unified Planet (UP). He is committed to exploring  the convergence of talent, communities and the transformation of society
 Tatiana Kazakova 
Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder of Leaders on Purpose. An organization that helps purpose-centered businesses allign their services with the planet and society
Jennifer Joy Jiménez 
Founder of the Health & Wellbeing Division for Brave Thinking™ Institute. Creator or TranscenDance™. She's been featured with the world’s greatest leaders, including; Vincent Martínez-Grieco, Marianne Williamson, Deepak Chopra, and others. Her programs can be found in Self Magazine, NBC News, Woman’s World, and more.
Valerie Chafograck 
Founder of Movement Liberation, a project for BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color). She is a Black/mixed heritage, California-based embodiment and conscious dance facilitator. She has been teaching since 1992. Blending conscious dance practice, somatic and social justice perspectives, she offers classes and workshops in the USA and abroad to advance personal & collective transformation, healing, and liberation.
Embodied Awakening & Conscious Movement Panels 
  EAP will be deepen the conversation on Embodied Awakening with three amazing leaders.

CMP will explore how conscious movement supports embodied awakening with some of the top conscious dance teachers in the world.
Integration Session 
This will be hosted by Amara Pagano, Founder of Pathofazul.
Here we will cover:
  •  Conference Highlights
  • Celebrate in Community
  • Clarity on next steps in your Embodied Awakening Path
  • A path to cultivate a daily embodiment practice in community. 

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